Submitting a manuscript

All manuscripts must be sent by mail or brought to our office at the following address. No manuscript submitted by email or on CD/diskette will be accepted unless pre-approved by the senior editor.

TheoDone Publisher
5151, Jean-Talon East, Suite 260
Saint-Leonard (Quebec) H1S 1K8

TheoDone Publisher publishes in many specific fields. Before submitting a manuscript, make sure that the topic is related to one of the following themes:

  • International Development
  • Children’s Rights
  • Social Economy
  • Education
  • Social Studies
  • Family and Society
  • Training and Parental Assistance
  • Social Justice
  • Psychology
  • Health
  • General Literature
  • Children’s Literature

Presentation of a manuscript

The format must be 8 ½ x 11 (standard format). The manuscript (on CD/Diskette) must be double space and written clearly. We only accept texts printed on one side of the page and all pages must be numbered.

The manuscript must be accompanied by a cover letter, which, as well as describing the originality of the text, should also present the author, the synopsis, the type of public that is targeted and the table of content of the manuscript.

A letter will be sent to you confirming that we have received the manuscript. All manuscripts will be analyzed in total confidentiality. The time allowed for the analysis may vary between two to six weeks after its reception.

No manuscript will be sent back to the author unless a pre-addressed stamp envelope is included with the document. For document from outside Canada, a check or an international money-order for the amount of 20$ (CAN) must accompany the manuscript in order to cover the shipping and handling cost.